Clay Met Fans at AI Finale

June 8, 2006

We found out today that Clay stuck around after last month's American Idol finale to meet with some of his fans. Here's what a friend of the CB's jenbec4630 said:

It was after the American Idol finale. Everyone comes out and they do interviews, meet with fans ect. And I saw Clay from afar and we just stood there and talked. I dont see him as a celebrity. He's just a nice guy. That danged southern accent rubbed off onto me again though. LOL. I mean, I lived in TX most my life, but I was loosing my accent and then, after talkin to Clay, it was back for the rest of the night. LOL. Clay was very humble and sweet, Taylor said he was actually suprized he won. Very humble as well. I saw Ryan, Simon, and Paula from afar as they went inside the theater. Paula waved hello to everyone, very sweet girl. 🙂 Thats about it. Not much else. JUst had a great night and met some very wonderful, talented people.


One Response to “Clay Met Fans at AI Finale”

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