Tidbits 6/8

June 8, 2006

  • Sony BMG press release: New Idol singles will benefit American Red Cross.
  • LiveDaily: Clay – Idol success. Another generic Idol mention
  • Charlotte Observer: A comparison of Raleigh and Edmonton, Canada (the two Stanley Cup finalists): "Teen idol ……. Michael J. Fox ………Clay Aiken ………Edmonton. Fox wasn't as objectionable to those who weren't pubescent females."
  • PJ Star: Just be yourself when auditioning for Idol — Clay Aiken looked so pale and sheepish at his initial audition, I half expected him to break into 'Vote No on 13' from 'Revenge of the Nerds 2.' Still, his vocal chops impressed the judges so much that they sent him to Hollywood. That is, on the condition he swap his glasses for contact lenses. And change his hair. And start dressing different. And those shoes, they definitely had to go.
  • U of California Guardian: mentions the E! poll about which celeb you'd like to be stuck with on an island. Clay didn't win…"Who would you rather be stranded on an island with, Clay Aiken or Marilyn Manson?"
  • Check out another Clay blog… Rooting for Clay Aiken

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  1. I watched “Who would you rather be stranded on an island with” and Clay beat out Marilyn Manson by 73%. ALSO, CLAY DID WIN. Clay came in first place over all of the other men.

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